SDGNZ Drama Editing Workshop with Annie Collins

Posted Tuesday 15 Nov 2011

The Screen Directors Guild of New Zealand is pleased to announce award winning film and television editor Annie Collins will be holding a drama editing workshop in Wellington on 2-4 December 2011, to be held at The Film School, 86 Vivian St, Wellington.
Annie has been editing film since 1975 and was the first independently trained editor in the country. She has specialised in documentary and that has remained her particular love although there've been a number of forays into drama, most notably with Robert Sarkies directing and also an extended period in a rather strange country called Middle Earth.
Her focus has always been a commitment to the people at whom the camera is pointed and that has made for a sometimes turbulent career but never a dull one. What she works on is decided by kaupapa, not fees, so the turbulence is not often accompanied by wine. However, it is always accompanied by a large slice of cake quite often salted with a dose of stringent analysis. She has remained independent throughout her career.
In this two day workshop Annie will guide the group through practical narrative editing skills using examples of material from a feature film.
More info on the workshop and how to apply can be found