Typical Girls at the Film Archive

Posted Tuesday 01 Nov 2011

Currently on for a short while longer at the Film Archive in Wellington is Typical Girls, a MediaGallery Exhibition curated by Bryce Galloway. From the Film Archive site:

"Typical girls get upset too quickly
Typical girls can't control themselves
Typical girls are so confusing
Typical girls - you can always tell"
That's Typical Girls according to all-girl 70s punkersThe Slits, though we're sure they'd be delighted to hear that a show of the same name presents girls (women really) who're more likely to perform Freddie Mercury impersonations or odd stunts with pubic hair. Typical Girls brings together seven female video artists from Wellington: Sarah Jane Parton, Bek Coogan, Gemma Syme, Emily Jolliffe, Erica Sklenars, Claire Harris and Natalie Ellen-Eliza. All are artists that curator Bryce Galloway realised had something in common. All play with gender stereotypes, consciously or otherwise, and utilise self-deprecating humour as they perform to video. Galloway feels that increasingly mediated beauty standards, and the contemporary cult-of-youth within hypercapitalism, are mocking earlier feminist achievements. "The time is right for a show likeTypical Girls, by women who twist current female stereotypes in a way that is both playful and empowering."
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