16 New Short Films Get Green Light

Posted Tuesday 04 Oct 2011

The NZ Film Commission has announced that it has offered eight grants of $10,000 and eight grants of $30,000 to NZ filmmakers for the filming of 16 low-budget short films thorough its FRESH SHORTS programme. The final 16 films were selected by a panel of both industry and NZFC staff consisting of: Ainsley Gardiner, Jason Stutter, Peter Salmon, Chris Payne & Kath Akuhata-Brown (NZFC Development Executive's) and Lisa Chatfield (NZFC Short Film Manager).

The eight short films green lit at the $30,000 budget level are:

Blankets - Director: Louise Leitch, Producer: Melissa Dodds

Queenie - Director: Paul Neason, Producer: Michelle Savill

Soldier Boy - Director: Jess Bluck, Producer: Sarah Cook

Taniwha - Director: Asuka Sylvie, Producers David White & Melissa Dodds

The Light Harvester - Director: Jason Lei Howden, Producer: Sarah Howden

The Hunting Party - Director: Andrew Beattie, Producer: Maile Daugherty

Two Eyes, Two Hands, Two Feet - Director: Kirsten Green, Producer: Stephen Lovatt

Wing Chun - Director: Ant Sang, Producer: Fiona Copland

The eight short films green lit at the $10,000 budget level are:

Airmail - Director: Prue Cunningham

Eyes, Behind and Before - Director: Nic Gorman, Producer: Paul Glubb

Friday Tigers - Director: Aidee Walker, Producer: Julia Parnell

Fire in Cardboard City - Director: Phil Brough, Producer: Matt Heath

I Kill - Director: David White/Paul Wedel

I'm going to Mum's - Director: Lauren Jackson, Producer: Jeremy Macey

Purerehua- Director: Renae Maihi

The God Painter in Kiwi Kingdom- Director: Pavel Kvatch, Producer: Helmut Marko


For a link to the full press release, see the NZ Film Commission site.