Art Director/Production Designer, Auckland

Posted Tuesday 18 Oct 2011

Opposable Thumb Films Trust are seeking an Art Director / Production Designer (or someone with similar experience) to come on-board an exciting short film project. Film Synopsis: Suni Man is a touching, yet brutal story about betrayal, courage, faith and love; centred around a small, insular Samoan family. It's a coming-of-age tale, essentially driven by the relationship between a Samoan teen, his loving mother and younger brother, his delinquent friend and the challenges he faces growing up in such a difficult environment. Dates are as follows. Pre Production: Nov / Dec 2011, Production: Jan 9th - 13th 2012 (14th & 15th cover), Post Production: Jan 16th - March 4th 2012. Payment is available, however please note that this will reflect applicant experience and the fact that this is a self-funded short film. For more information see the Big Idea job listing.