Film Academy Programme Manager, Auckland

Posted Tuesday 18 Oct 2011

EDENZ Colleges is a Private Training Establishment (PTE) seeking a Programme Manager for the Film Academy (NZFA). The ideal person for this role will be passionate about providing the film industry with employable graduates, and will understand what this takes. The successful applicant must be familiar and confident with Avid, Final Cut Studio, Celtx, Word, Outlook, Excel, and Photoshop. Also with the Sony Z1p, Canon 7D, other camera and camera support equipment, lighting and lighting support equipment, audio and other film related hard and software.
The successful applicant will have had plenty of experience in the film industry, including in a professional on-set environment working as part of a film crew.
Together with the above technical abilities and experience, the successful applicant will have good leadership and marketing skills, have an out-going personality, excellent problem-solving abilities, and be able motivate students throughout the course.
Here are the full job specs.