Freelance Researcher, Auckland

Posted Tuesday 18 Oct 2011

TVNZ is also looking for a researcher for their Good Morning programme, and seeks team players with a proven ability to:
- Interview and research potential guests determining whether they are suitable talent.
- Determine strong story angles for the programme.
- Source and book guests and entertainers to appear on the programme.
- Write introductions and question-lines for all interviews.
- Source visual support for interviews.
- Work with the regular presenters in developing their segments.
- Source regular presenters who can contribute to the programme.
- Brief presenter prior to each programme.
- Make a significant contribution to the growth of the programme.
The job requires constant sourcing of stories and guests. Strong interpersonal and writing - skills are a key element to success in this role. The meeting of critical deadlines and attention to detail are also crucial to the position. The programme runs to tight deadlines therefore we need a quick thinking, creative, un-flappable individual. Television production experience is preferable. Read more about the position here.