Girl With A Movie Camera, Tempo Dance Festival

Posted Tuesday 04 Oct 2011

Jennifer Nikolai, Andrew Denton, and the AUT Dance Company (Xinia Alderson, Erin Bowerman, Jane Carter, Grace Crawford, Kezia Kramer and Aya Nakamura) present their dance/theatre and live video performance work, Girl with a Movie Camera, at the Tempo Dance Festival in Auckland, on October 7 and 8, 2011. This is Girl with a Movie Camera: Redux. The work has been significantly reworked and revised, with extra material added, since its original successful run at the Auckland Fringe festival in March, 2011.

Girl with a Movie Camera is inspired by director Dziga Vertov's seminal film Man with a Movie Camera. The performance pays particular attention to Vertov's application of cinematic montage, his playful and inventive use of camera, as well as his mischievous manipulation of time and space, in his experimental film work.

Here's the link for you to purchase tickets: