Intensive Workshop for Screenwriters and Actors

Posted Tuesday 04 Oct 2011

The Emerging Artists Trust is forming an intensive workshop to start at the end of this month for screenwriters and actors. 16 writers and 10 actors will meet for 3 hours a week in a process that will dramatically improve their storytelling craft, their analytical skills, and their ability to work successfully within our highly collaborative industry.
Meetings work in a round-robin fashion, with 4 writers showing their work each session. Each writer will bring 20-25 pages of a screenplay in development and cast from the cadre of actors, who will then cold-read the material. After each reading, the group will offer feedback and constructive criticism moderated by Steve Barr, a screenwriter living in New Zealand after 16 years in the Hollywood industry. Once an entire screenplay has been through this process, the writer will have the option of a full reading of the script, to which they can invite an audience.
Here's some more info on the workshop and how to apply.