New Festival for Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Community Innovators

Posted Tuesday 04 Oct 2011

Festival for the Future, a new national youth event, aims to bring together young creatives, entrepreneurs and community innovators to foster the next generation of New Zealand's youth.
Inspiring the next generation of young Kiwis to create innovative community projects through knowledge, networks, skills and support featured at the Festival is what its co-director Guy Ryan hopes to achieve.
"Given the state of social, environmental and economic affairs it's critical to foster innovation amongst youth. Supporting the next generation to understand current issues and approach them in new and innovative ways will help to build a more vibrant and sustainable Aotearoa at the community level," says Mr Ryan.
The New Zealand Film Archive is a supporter of the festival, which will take place from 4 - 6 November at the New Zealand Film Archive in Wellington. The Festival's two-day programme consists of guest speakers, workshops, film screenings and more. Tickets are available on the Festival's website and scholarships to assist young people outside of the Wellington region to attend the Festival are also available.