WIFT E-news 04 October

Posted Tuesday 04 Oct 2011

A BIG thank you to all of you who took a minute to fill in our recent e-news survey. We're very pleased with the results which show that nearly all of you always read and enjoy the e-news, that you find it newsworthy and relevant without too much international content - in fact, one of you stressed the importance of the international content saying it was important "to reflect the fact that it's an international industry and bring us a perspective on that from a female point of view", that you don't think it is too long, that you'd like to see more local content such as members' profiles, are very happy with the amount of industry news, and do not see it as a repetition of what is found in other newsletters because -as another of you said - "not everyone is a member of everything". The winners of the 5 double passes to The Orator/O Le Tulafale are...(tears open small envelope): Natalie Crane, Rose Damon, Ruth Dudding, Rosalind Croad and Fiona Douglas.
In addition, we also have the results of our events survey of Wellington members - thanks to those who took part. We found that most of you would like monthly events, to be held at the NZFA on a Wednesday evening, with a combination of networking and a screening. You think $5 is a fair price and all of you would be prepared to bring a non-member with you. We will be using this information in our 2012 planning.

Enjoy the rest of your week!