Your Daughter's Science Role Model is a Space Chimp

Posted Tuesday 04 Oct 2011

We all know there's a role model shortage in girls' films. But don't worry - at least there's a science role, although she does happen to be an ape.

The lack of ladies in STEM (science, technology engineering and math) fields is "troubling" reports The Washington Post's Anna Holmes. "...although females fill almost half of the jobs in the American economy, less than 25 percent of jobs in STEM fields are held by women." And one reason ladies might shy away from geekier professions, she argues, is that "there were no depictions of female characters involved in any sort of STEM career in children's movies." That's not quite true: the chimp is one of three female science role models found by a study by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. So what do the others look like?