Make My Movie

Posted Tuesday 20 Sep 2011

If you haven't already heard of it...MAKE MY MOVIE (MMM) is an innovative multi-platform project that utilizes graphic design, social networking, a webseries and the public to decide which idea should receive $100,000 to be used to create a low budget feature film.
Anyone can enter MMM. All you need to do is upload your movie idea with the following; a title, a logline, a poster and a synopsis. The entries then get culled down to a top 12 with some help from social networking and a panel of industry types. When it reaches the final 12, then the public really gets involved and backs the film they want to see made. So whether you're an experienced filmmaker with a great low budget idea, or a new film rookie - have a shot.
There could be a Rocky-type scenario with a professional going head-to-head with a rank outsider. Whatever the case, eventually there will be a winner who then gets to make their film. Throughout this online process there will be an online webseries that will be fly-on-the-wall coverage of the entire project; from launch through to finished feature film. MMM will then provide as much assistance (produce/ distribute) as humanly possible through incredible sponsors/partners to guarantee a very large audience an ultra low-budget indie that usually would struggle to get much traction in the cluttered marketplace.
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