Where Do We Go Now Wins at Toronto Film Festival

Posted Tuesday 20 Sep 2011

Where Do We Go Now? written and directed by Nadine Labaki has won the Audience Choice award at the Toronto Film Festival. Melissa Silverstein at Women and Hollywood has said about the film: "It was the first film I saw in Toronto...it's a strong symbol of women sick and tired of the men fighting over nothing trying to make the peace in their small town in Lebanon.

It was a seriously under the radar film at the festival. No one who I spoke with during the week had seen it. It just didn't register on people's radar screens. No big stars, about the middle east, and written and directed by a relatively unknown woman. But this film clearly resonated with the Toronto audience and it beat out the big guns like Shame and The Descendants to capture the people's choice award at the festival."
Read her full post about the film here, including a link to an interview with Labaki.