Mt Zion: kicks off well in Australia

Posted Wednesday 03 Apr 2013

Mt Zion, the story of Turei (Stan Walker) and his band of bros who pick spuds while dreaming of playing support for Bob Marley's 1979 NZ concert, opened last Thursday in selected cinemas in Australia.

In 13 cinemas spread through Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, the opening weekend box office was $105,000, which put it in No 2 position on the screen average charts (second to Oz the Great and Powerful). At the Pacific Fair Event Cinema on the Gold Coast, Mt Zion was the No 1 film, following a sold-out opening night premiere on March 14.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand in its 6th weekend of release, the box office take increased by 6 percent over the previous weekend. The New Zealand total is now $1.216 million, which puts Mt Zion at No 14 in the Top 15 all-time NZ films at the NZ box office, just behind Scarfies.