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Posted Tuesday 23 Apr 2013

NZ on Air helpfully publish a weekly schedule of their supported content on their website. We are delighted to share the link with WIFT members and encourage you all to make a note of the programmes. Members, please do alert us to any programmes you have coming up on the schedule and we'll alert members through the website and e news.

The page is updated on Thursdays:

No excuses for missing shows now!

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Posted Tuesday 23 Apr 2013

Screen Hub Sticky Pictures' animated series Dukes of Br�xst�nia has been commissioned for a third season on ABC3, with an expanded seven-minute episode format. The show started as a series of shorts produced for the launch of the ABC kids digital channel. It follows the adventures of a teenage band called the Dukes.

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V Club Series creator Stephen DeKnight on slaving away to make great telly and facing up to some of the challenges of the show.?? Click Here to Read this Article Online


NZ Herald Former Go Girl, Underbelly moll and Cabin in the Woods entree hits NZ screens in the final season of Spartacus and hits the streets in search of the next role?? Click Here to Read this Article Online