Our valued supporter - Heritage Hotels

Posted Tuesday 23 Apr 2013

The Heritage hotel group is one of WIFT's valued supporters. Members receive discounts at Heritage hotels and if you are in Queenstown filming (or skiing) over the next few months, please consider them for your accommodation.

Heritage Queenstown has undergone a spectacular transformation with an extensive refurbishment of all hotel rooms. With new furniture, wall coverings, art and an entertainment system, they have taken refinement and luxury to new levels. Their Lakeview and Forest View rooms are ready for you to soak in all the comforts Heritage Queenstown has to offer! Why not treat yourselves (or Mum for Mother's Day?) to a special night by purchasing one of their gift vouchers.



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NZ on Air funded projects

Posted Tuesday 23 Apr 2013

NZ on Air helpfully publish a weekly schedule of their supported content on their website. We are delighted to share the link with WIFT members and encourage you all to make a note of the programmes. Members, please do alert us to any programmes you have coming up on the schedule and we'll alert members through the website and e news.

The page is updated on Thursdays:


No excuses for missing shows now!