The Handkerchief Needs a Hand

Posted Wednesday 03 Apr 2013

WIFT member and writer/director, Linda Niccol's film The Handerkerchief is about a blind man looking for love with his other senses. She wants the film to captivate audiences into the possibilities of seeing things from a blind person's perspective, and empathise with the worlds such people must create for themselves in order to overcome what some may perceive as a sad disability, especially when it comes to finding love.

The main character, Alistair, relies on memory and imagination to communicate the beautiful world inside his head, which he must in turn convey to June in order to charm and seduce her.

The dramatic sections of The Handkerchief were shot with a women focused crew led by Linda Niccol and fellow WIFT member Glenis Giles. After seven years of development, the shoot has gone well but they still need to raise the post funding and are hoping WIFT members can help them put the word out via PledgeMe/ 824.

Key crew volunteered their services at low rates, these include producer; Glenis Giles, DoP; Renaud Maire, 1st AD; Jules Lovelock, sound designer and composer; Jeremy Cullen, editor; Jeff Hurrell,  and design and advertising agency; Mission Hall. And the additional crew worked for food and petrol vouchers! So please go to the PledgeMe site and donate if you can.