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Posted Tuesday 05 Feb 2013

And the award goes to�

They can be hard to find, but we've tracked down some women who have been nominated in this year's Academy Awards (outside actors) So thanks to the Women Make Movies (WMM) website we can offer downunder congratulations to filmmaker Cynthia Wade, whose new film MONDAYS AT RACINE has been nominated for an Academy Award, Best Documentary, Short Subject. Cynthia's film FREEHELD, produced through the Production Assistance Program, won an Oscar in 2007.

WMM supported films have won or been nominated for an Academy Award in each of the last seven years. Their new release SAVING FACE was a winner last year, bringing home the Academy Award for the 2012 Best Documentary, Short Subject. Other films include COMPLAINTS OF A DUTIFUL DAUGHTER, GOD SLEEPS IN RWANDA, and SUN COME UP, produced through WMM's Production Assistance Program.

All fingers are crossed for women filmmakers this year!