Need to sound like a Yank?

Posted Tuesday 05 Feb 2013

Help is at hand with Jade Valour's Introductory courses in American Accent for teenagers and adults.

With a considerable amount of work now coming to New Zealand from the States, American accents have become a necessity for actors seeking to develop a broader base for their talents. These courses will provide you with basic skills for effectively working on your American accent.

Jade Valour is a native New Yorker, a trained professional actor/singer with degrees in music and directing.?For further information and detail please contact:?Jade Valour?e: m:  021 293 2117


Teenagers 15-19 yrs.?Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Time:  11am-2pm

Fee:  $50

Location:  Wellington

Adults 20+? Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Time:  11am-2pm

Fee:  $65

Location:  Wellington


Next Up...

New Forum on Facebook

Posted Tuesday 05 Feb 2013

WIFT now has a social media intern - and we are thrilled to introduce you to Alexandra McKellar. Alex is a freelance performer and producer with great experience using facebook to build audiences.

Members can now click on the 'Forum' tab at the top of the facebook page, follow the app through, and you'll then be able to post notices to other members of the community such as "Interns Needed" or "Flat Available".

If you have any notices you would like included send them to the message board and Alex will post them onto the forum. If you want to contact Alex, do so via facebook.

This is a great opportunity for Members to connect and keep the WIFT community growing!