Prepare for Multi Platform Storytelling!

Posted Tuesday 23 Jul 2013

Jeff Gomez, the keynote speaker at next week's Transmedia conference is out to track down some local talent during his visit to New Zealand.  Gomez touches down today and will spend the next week touring production facilities, ad agencies and familiarising himself with the local talent in his bid to bring us up to speed on the opportunities that await consumer and entertainment brands in a multi-platform media world.

As he told the Sunday Star Times' Rob O'Neill (July 21 edition)

"I love the design sensibility emerging from New Zealand." He doesn't think we suffer from tyranny of distance either. "In this day and age the location of talent really doesn't matter."

WIFT members will get the opportunity to talk with Gomez about his ideas and initiatives at the two-day workshop on July 30 and 31. In New Zealand transmedia storytelling is still emerging says Fiona Milburn, co-director of Transmedia NZ. "But people are beginning to see the possibilities, especially in overseas markets."

Tickets are still available here along with the full programme at and remember the cost is tax deductible.

Securing Gomez for the conference is a coup: he is regarded as a world leader in developing transmedia techniques and maximizing revenues from film and television via games and other internet applications.  He will be joined by other experts in the transmedia field including Nathan Mayfield, the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Hoodlum an Emmy� and BAFTA Award winning Entertainment Company and Anna Jackson, the co-director of Transmedia NZ, which seeks to promote the development of transmedia production in New Zealand.

If you haven't booked a ticket yet - don't delay!  See you next week at the major media event for the year!