Short Film makes it to Heart of Gold Festival

Posted Monday 08 Jul 2013

'Plan B' a short film by Shirin Brown has been accepted to the Heart of Gold Festival in Gympie  (11 to the 14 July 2013).  It's the Australian premiere and will be featured in two coffee and comedy screenings,  and a NZ Shorts screening.

Plan B was finished in October 2012 and had its first screening at the South West London International Film Festival.

It's the story of a woman racing to get her kids to school, and then get to work on time,  and was made as Shirin's Masters project at the University of Auckland.

She says it "took forever" to finish on no budget while working around children.

"I realised as a single mother of two young children, the only way I was going to make it through was to do something that reflected my life and was achievable in the world in which I live."

She says that interestingly people have said - never film with children or animals and stay away from moving vehicles,  but she managed to do all three while keeping the cast and crew in a relatively good mood.    W

"What's most overwhelming though is while it's struggled to find a place in the A list Festivals,  mothers and children love it - partly because it shares experiences that are seldom seen on the big screen that we all relate to as parents and children."

Shirin is tremendously excited to be going to Gympie to support the film which is she thinks is a good fit in terms of the ethos of their programming which supports stories which are funny and thought-provoking.

"I'm looking forward to meeting other film-makers and people who love film."

If you'd like to be part of the buzz - join her on facebook (Plan B the Waiheke Movie) or like her on the Heart of Gold website.