Athena Film Festival 2014

Posted Wednesday 12 Jun 2013

The Athena Film Festival-- A Celebration of Women and Leadership will take place at Barnard College in New York City the weekend of February 6th-9th, 2014.

They are accepting submissions for the festival from June 15-September 15.  You will find the submission overview below and all the information on how to submit a film here.

They are looking for documentaries, features, and shorts that:

* Reveal the diverse narratives of women leaders from all walks of life-narratives of ambition, courage, strength and resilience.

* Showcase women leaders who help us interpret the reality of the modern world-captivating stories of truth, determination, innovation and vision.

* Highlight the talents of emerging artists - capturing a new generation's take on what truly makes exemplary women leaders.

Important Information To Keep in Mind:

* All films must feature a female in a leadership position at the center of the story.

* Films may be directed by a person or people of any gender.

***** Films that are directed by women but do not focus on female leadership will not be considered.*****

The Athena Film Festival is committed to ensuring that filmmakers across the globe have the opportunity to become involved in this great event.  They would greatly appreciate it if WIFT members could spread the word to others who you think would be interested in this opportunity.

Please email: if you have any questions.


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Farewell to Anna Cahill

Posted Wednesday 12 Jun 2013

We were very sorry to hear about the death of Anna Cahill over the weekend. We would like to share this email with you from SDGNZ.  May Anna rest in peace.

Dear friends and colleagues.

With great sadness the Guild wishes to inform you that after a short illness our Executive Director Anna Cahill passed away on Saturday.

Anna has been Executive Director of the Screen Directors Guild of New Zealand for the last eight years. She took the Guild from strength to strength, establishing and building constructive relationships with our sister organisations here and overseas, engaging with broadcasters, politicians and funding bodies, all of whom respected her collegial pragmatism.

As a driving force behind New Zealand's Film and Television Awards, Anna successfully raised the Guild's public profile, pushing to improve the conditions, rates and creative voice of directors and editors, while always being a ready and sympathetic ear, good friend, and a supporter of members' projects.

Her death will be felt right across the screen industry. Anna believed in the social and cultural value of the television and film industry, and worked tirelessly to bring people and industry bodies together. She was a genuine industry champion, with a style and personality that easily won the love and respect of all she met.

Anna has very much been the heart and soul of our organisation in the years she has worked for and with us. We will dearly miss her generosity, spirit and intelligence, and most of all her friendship.

Our thoughts and sympathies are with her husband and children.

Please note that the Groucho Drinks event that was to be held on Thursday 13th June is postponed.

Kind regards,

The Screen Directors Guild of New Zealand.