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Posted Friday 21 Jun 2013

The second edition of NZ On Screen's decade showcases presents an onscreen Top 10 for the 70s. The decade of fondue and flares also cooked up colour television. Our black and white living room icons - from Selwyn Toogood to Space Waltz - melted into a Kiwi kaleidoscope of Top Town, Grunt Machine, and Close to Home. And 'our stories' and rights fights - boks, hikoi, nukes and 'nam - found screen footholds (Sleeping Dogs, Gallery The Governor).

The collection is introduced by the man who introduced Bohemian Rhapsody to NZ TV. Winking blinking presenter and self-confessed "TV Junkie" Roger Gascoigne looks back at the 70s as seen on NZ TV.

By hokey, jeez Wayne, are you ready to roll?

The NZ On Screen team