Online Global Premiere Screening Wednesday June 12, 2pm (EST US)

Posted Tuesday 11 Jun 2013

Okay so the timing isn't perfect given it's 6 am our time June 13, but it looks interesting if you feel like an early start this Thursday.

Women and Girls Lead presents the online global premiere of Through Her Lens, a collection of dramatic short films exploring international stories and content about women and made by women. Premiering exclusively on June 12th, (that's June 13 NZ time) Through Her Lens explores social issues facing women and girls worldwide through a character driven-narrative.  WATCH THE TRAILER

Join the Through Her Lens filmmakers plus Melissa Houghton, Executive Director of Women in Film & Video, and Rachel Payne, CEO of Fem Inc., in a conversation about women and filmmaking internationally. Login to the special global online premiere screening at  Descriptions of films are below.

Not Another Word
Written & directed by Cherien Dabis

Inside a Middle Eastern home, three generations of women in a family conflict over their plans for the future of granddaughter Lama, who refuses to get married.

Good Country People
Written & directed by Tanya Hamilton

Spanish Town, Jamaica, is one of the island's oldest and poorest rural communities. It's also a war zone, where ordinary residents are pawns in a chess game between politicians and gangsters. Amidst this backdrop, Blossom Edwards must take over for her uncle as the family's primary breadwinner by driving his taxi cab, exposing her to danger brought on by the impending election.

Half of Her

Written & directed by Paola Mendoza

Life on a fourth floor tenement building in New York City's Chinatown is invasively communal. Chinese immigrants live in a loft that has been divided into blocks of cubicles barely wider than a mattress. Here a very pregnant Mei struggles alone to safely give birth to her child. But when the father returns home to discover that the baby has been born a girl, he tries to force Mei to abandon her.


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