NZ Film 'Crackheads' announces NZ Theatrical Premiere

Posted Tuesday 12 Nov 2013

WIFT member Nicola Peeperkoorn is behind Crackheads - a kiwi Breaking Bad meets The Hangover - which premieres at the The Maidment Theatre on November 16.

Deemed too controversial for conventional cinemas Crackheads will be debuting in New Zealand at the prestigious Maidment theatre after positive receptions in both Mexico and the United States.

Nicola has just received a NZFC Professional Development award to travel to Austin, Texas with the film and then onto the American Film market in LA afterwards.

Crackheads has played to acclaim at two high profile international festivals, Oaxaca and Austin (where they met with the creator of Breaking Bad Vince Gilligan).  The film will also be screening at the LA Comedy Festival on the same date and has other international engagements to come. The filmmakers are excited to be bringing their well-received film home to local audiences.

The NZ launch of the Big Rabbit film been made possible through the proud support of Sony and after the Premiere on Saturday the film will screen four more times at the Maidment: Thursday 21st November, Thursday 28th November, Thursday 5th December and Friday 6th December. Tickets are available from the Maidment Theatre website, $15 General Admission and $12 for students.

Hailed as a "the world's first black comedy about crack", Crackheads is a cautionary tale about P (or "crack"), one of the world's most insidious drugs. Four unlikely friends each have their own reasons for succumbing to the drug in this "comedy with substance about substance abuse".

Nick, (a conflicted and slightly racist Catholic Priest), Thomas (an OCD psychologist), Raj (an out-of-work Indian actor) and Jimmy (a sex-obsessed used car salesman) are sent on a disastrous yet hilarious roller-coaster ride through the highs and lows of meth addiction after Nick is presented with a bag of P by a worried parishioner.

Director and co-Writer Tim Tsiklauri is originally from the Republic of Georgia. He has directed 7 shorts including Roy, which premiered at the Show Me Shorts Film Festival in 2012, and Russian Dolls, which premiered at MashROME Film Festival in Italy in 2013.

Producer and co-Writer Andy Sophocleous has a multi disciplinary background. As an actor he has been in 7 feature films, various TV productions and over 25 short films. As a writer he has written eight feature films.

Co-Producer  and Producer of Marketing and Sales Nicola Peeperkoorn has produced over 25 short films and cult NZ feature 'The Richmond Family Massacre.'




For more information on the film visit the website or contact Nicola Peeperkoorn or Andy Sophocleous - - 027 665 9232