FIFO - Tahiti 2014 Update

Posted Tuesday 15 Oct 2013

Oceania Pitch is still waiting for promising Pacific documentary film projects that can be boosted into international co-production as part of the FIFO festival in Tahiti in February 2014.

Deadline for submissions is in four weeks, November 11, 2013. Please visit the website at and submit your application online - it's just a mouse click away!

This year's coach for our three day preparatory workshop will be Hind Saih, a French / Moroccan producer situated in Paris with very good contacts to French national broadcasters, including Arte, and adviser for the Media Programme in Brussels, accent on New Media development. ??Hind will be supported by three outstanding commissioning editors who will pimp your project to an international standard and help adjust it to broadcaster ideals. Kathryn Graham, Commissioner for Maori and Pacific content at TVNZ, will be on the team this year. Another key supporter of Oceania Pitch will, for a second year, be Luc de Saint Sernin, Coordinating director of overseas programming for the entire network of France 1�re  television.

This amazing team of experts is waiting for your projects - don't hesitate to send your applications in - films are made to be seen (and sold)