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Posted Tuesday 15 Oct 2013


Saving Grace - Te Whakarauora Tangata

mediatheatre, 7pm Oct 16 / 4.30pm Nov 2

NZ, 2011, 86 min, Exempt, director Merata Mita

He pou mataoho kiriata a Merata Mita. Neke atu i te toru tekau tau ia e kokiri ana i te ao p?p?ho o Aotearoa, o te Moana nui a Kiwa, otir? te ao huri noa. ?nei tana pakip?meka mutunga, Saving Grace - Te Whakarauora Tangata e aro atu ki te take p?p?uri mai ki a t?tau katoa o Aotearoa a t?tau nei te iwi M?ori.

N? Merata Mita i hiahia ki te whakaatu he reo m?rama mai i te hunga e pukumahi ana ki te taha o ng? whanau, o ng? iwi, ki te h?pai ake i a t?tau an?, kia kore rawa e p?hi tonu ana i te p?uritanga.  M? te aroha ka t?mata te whakatika whanau, whakatika t?ngata kia tipu ora ai ng? tamariki, ar? kia whakarauora t?ngata.  He kupu whakamutunga: M? te M?ori, te M?ori e whakaora.

Saving Grace - Te Whakarauora Tangata is the final work of director Merata Mita, who passed away suddenly before the film could be completed. Mita intended the documentary to count in ways that mattered deeply to her and to change perceptions of abuse and violence by using themes of responsibility, redemption, revitalisation, forgiveness and, most of all, love.

Tickets: $8 / $6




Khandallah and Johnsonville on Film

mediatheatre 7pm

NZ, 70 min, Exempt

A programme celebrating the heritage of Wellington's northern suburbs.The Opening of Ngauranga Gorge (1938), From Cow to Cone (showing Tip Top factory workers in Johnsonville in the 1950s), and footage of a 1951 wedding at the Presbyterian Church Hall are just a few of the various excerpts that will be shown. Includes documentaries, comedies, home movies and advertising. Local pianist David Beattie will accompany the silent films on the programme.

Tickets: $8 / $6




Illustrious Energy

mediatheatre 7pm

NZ, 1988, 96 min, PG, director Leon Narbey

Winner of eight Listener Film and Television Awards, this film was also honoured at film festivals in Taormina and Hawaii. In Illustrious Energytwo Chinese gold miners in a remote valley in 1860s Central Otago struggle to improve their lot. The goldrush is over. Their life is tough. When they make a lucky strike on their claim, it seems that they may at last be able to achieve their ambitions. Chan takes the gold and goes to town to pay their debts. Life in town offers unexpected attractions, not the least being a young woman who's traveling with a small circus as a magician's assistant.

Tickets: $8 / $6




Broadcasting House (1963 - 1997)

mediatheatre 4.15pm

NZ, 70 min, Exempt

A film programme commemorating the 50th anniversary of the opening of Broadcasting House - a hub for New Zealand radio during the second half of the 20th century. The films look back on Broadcasting House's rich history, from its opening in 1963, to its demolition in 1997 - and some of the memorable moments that passed in between.

Entry by koha/donation




Magic Playgrounds: Historical Images of New Zealand Childhoods, exhibition three

Pelorus Trust mediagallery

Daily (except Sunday)

The third and final in the Magic Playgrounds series of three moving image exhibitions curated by Tina Makereti, on the social history of childhood in New Zealand.

Shared Baskets - Social Equality in Aotearoa NZ focuses on the interplay between notions of social equality and kiwi childhoods. Egalitarianism and kiwi independence are things we've long been proud of, and we like to think that most kiwis stand on an equal footing with each other. This last exhibition explores the degree to which this is the case. It asks: what happened to the lauded "cradle to the grave" social welfare policies of the twentieth century? When did we decide that welfare is a dirty word? And why do 25% of our children, that is 270,000 tamariki, currently live with unacceptable levels of poverty? The exhibition showcases a range of footage, including: Inside Child Poverty- Bryan Bruce's compelling 2011 documentary, historical newsreels, past and recent TV broadcasts, and more.

Free admission