It's all happening at the Film Archive in Wellington

Posted Tuesday 01 Oct 2013

This week the Film Archive has a fantastic school holiday programme of films - so drag your kids away from Disney and sit them down for this international compilation.  The Archive also opens its doors to vampires (you could even be transformed into one!) for the German Film Festival. Next week the focus travels to Fiji, for Fiji Language Week.


Mini-Sized Square Eyes - Bestival of the Festival!

mediatheatre 11am

International compilation, 68 minutes, G

Whether you loved them, or missed them at the New Zealand International Film Festival, our favouritest short films from both "Animation for Kids" and "Toons for Tots" are back again, for one last Wellington season. Curated by Malcolm Turner and Nicola Marshall, this collection of animated gems come from far and wide - and includes the festival-hit Room on the Broom, adapted from Julia Donaldson's best-selling book. Presented in partnership with the Square Eyes - New Zealand Film Foundation.

Tickets: $6 children / Adults and under 5s free / Groups with four children over 5 $20

German Film Festival

Here are some of the films screening today and tomorrow- go to for information on more screenings this week.


Faust: A German Folk Legend (German Film Festival Opening Night)

mediatheatre 6pm

Germany, 1926, film 115 min + reception, PG - Low level violence

While the devout scholar Faust praises mankind's freedom to choose between good and evil, the Lord and Mephistopheles make a bet that will put Faust's beliefs to the test. Faust's good intentions trigger a disastrous dwindling spiral of deceit, infidelity, lust, gluttony, murder and suicide. Despite those vicious events, a new love is blossoming and the struggle against evil might not be lost yet.

Opening Night of the German Film Festival - Focus: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau.

Opening Night reception 6pm, film starts 7pm.

Tickets: $15




The Last Laugh

mediatheatre 7pm

Germany, 1924, 90 minutes, G

In this film Murnau demonstrates his revolutionary unchained camera technique. The porter of the grand hotel is old and feeble and, although he does his job well, he is stripped of his identity and pride when the hotel director demotes him to a restroom attendant. On the very day of his demotion, his niece celebrates her wedding. He secretly wears his old uniform so that he too can shine among the guests at the wedding. But his few moments of regained pride turn out to be a harsh awakening when he is recognized by an envious colleague.

Part of  the German Film Festival - Focus: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau.

Tickets: $8/$