NZ on Screen Turns Five

Posted Tuesday 01 Oct 2013

NZ On Screen is turning five and we're celebrating with a special collection of our all-time 'Most Watched' titles.

Since going live on October 23, 2008, the website celebrating New Zealand's screen culture has made 1000s of TV shows, films and music videos available, online, to the public - many for the first time since they were originally broadcast.

The Top 20 reflects the eclectic goodness on the site, from Billy T to topless newsreaders, Snell to Patu!, Kimbra to Kea, meat pies to motorheads, and Bob Jones biffo to Thingee's eye pop. Five years of NZ screen culture = 3,550,000 visits (now 110,000+ a month), a Qantas Media Award (for Best Entertainment Website) and 2150+ titles.

"It was a great idea, but was it feasible?" Founding board member Professor Roger Horrocks looks back at the genesis of the project and on NZ On Screen becoming "an established part of New Zealand culture."

"The challenge was immense." And NZ On Air CEO and trustee on the Digital Media Trust Board Jane Wrightson reflects with pride on the journey.