Posted Tuesday 15 Oct 2013

WIFT (NZ) held its AGM last Thursday.  With an uncontested election, members ratified the appointment of the Board for 2013/14.  We have two new women joining the Board - we welcome them with open arms!  They are:

Teremoana Rapley:

With almost three decades working in the Entertainment Industry, Teremoana could comfortably be labelled a somewhat 'Jane of many trades'.

Her career began in music with pioneering and politically motivated rap group Upper Hutt Posse in 1987.  Her love of music has taken her around the world and she continues today 26 years later as a solo artist as well as a DJ for her husband.

She started in television in 1994 as a field reporter for children's show What Now, then moved onto the youth show Mai Time as a co-presenter where she developed her skills as a director, editor and camera operator over a nine year period.

Currently, Teremoana is working as a television producer at the M?ori Television Service in Auckland.

She has over 1700 television production credits to her name spanning over 19 years, predominately in the role of producer.

She has also created and managed trans-media narratives for herself and her husband by developing websites, blogs, magazines, clothing merchandise, music videos, live performances and music releases based on their music over the past 10 years operating from her company.

Sharon Menzies:

Sharon Menzies is Managing Director of Fulcrum Media Finance, the leading provider of cashflow loans in Australia. Since establishing Fulcrum Media Finance with See-Saw Films, Sharon has assisted in providing finance to more than seventy projects in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Sharon has over 15 years experience in film and television financing in the United Kingdom and Australia, including five years as Head of Business Affairs for Baker Street Media Finance and later at Prescience Film Finance.

Whilst in the United Kingdom, Sharon reviewed the library for BBC Films, worked with Portman Film and Television and was an independent advisor to Scottish Screen.

(Sharon is a New Zealander and is based near Whakatane.)

Together with Robin Laing (President), Nikki Edwards, Jasmin McSweeney, Debra Kelleher, Amanda Beckett and Catherine Fitzgerald we march forward with a very busy year ahead of us.

On behalf of us all we thank each and every one of you for your support and belief in the role of WIFT!