Caroline Johnstone

Posted Tuesday 17 Sep 2013

Tributes poured in for vivacious, thrill-seeking, highly respected New Zealand television director Caroline Johnstone who plunged more than 150 metres to her death at Whakapapa skifield a couple of weeks ago. WIFT President and Top Shelf producer Deb Kelleher worked with Caroline and shared these thoughts with us.

"Caroline was fast becoming my left and right arm on a few projects with Top Shelf Productions in Wellington where she has freelanced since 2005.   -She was highly skilled as a director and as a graduate from the Wellington Film School was a great example of someone who could translate her many talents into the new media market, working to many broadcast mediums and platforms. Her greatest skill was making clients feel at ease and she was a great translator of their ideas and concepts. She had a grasp on youth, was passionate about the environment  and was always motivated by story and ideas.  She made me laugh at myself - recently on an Allied Concrete job she shouted at me from a distance decked out in her safety gear how I was 'looking smashing in my reflector safety vest sweetie' when in fact I was sporting a bright, colourful scarf ! Her future was bright indeed with many projects in development where her talents were being recognised - We will miss her dearly and pledge to her wonderful partner Chrissie and all her many friends and family (especially her Top Shelf mates Kate Manson, Natalia Johnson and Niccola Holmes) that we will continue to progress her projects and dreams with passion and integrity. I am very grateful to Vincent Burke for introducing me to her in the first place."

"Sweet Caroline....good times never seem so GOOD"..

Deb Kelleher