Show Me Shorts - Pledge Me Campaign

Posted Sunday 29 Sep 2013

Show Me Shorts' are running a campaign to introduce a brand new People's Choice award. They want the audience to be able to vote for their favourite film during the SMS festival, and for the winner of that award to receive a cash prize. So now they have to raise the cash! They have set up a crowd-sourced fundraising campaign here.

They have great rewards to encourage people to make a pledge - DVDs, movie tickets, a Rialto subscription, coffee with last year's Best Film award winner, an exclusive private screening, and more.

They have received some strong support so far but still have a fair way to go to reach the $10,000 target. They get nothing (and pledgers pay nothing) if they don't reach target. If they are successful, half of this will become a cash prize for the People's Choice award at the festival this year, and the other half will go towards costs in putting on a professional and glamourous Opening Night and Awards Ceremony. Event partners and filmmakers, several of whom are also WIFT members, and the wider NZ film sector, will benefit from the added prestige and publicity of this great event.

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And thanks so much for your support of Show Me Shorts!

Emma Blomkamp     
Education Programmes Manager