Welcome to New Members (1)

Posted Tuesday 17 Sep 2013

We are absolutely delighted to welcome a whole new swag of members to WIFT over the last few months. We really appreciate your support and encourage you to bring along more new members to the fold...

Briar Grace-Smith, Chantelle Burgoyne, Kirsty Griffin, Anna Duckworth, Tina Archibald, Sharron Jackson, Rachel Jean, Fern Sutherland, Elisabeth Topping, Kerry Warkia, Brittany Connell, Sarah Davies, Gillian Ashurst, Emma Hough, Donna Pearman, Jo Hiles, Christine Arden, Jane Petersen-Foret, Sophie Henderson, Rachel Bush, Taryn Viggiano, Carol Hirschfeld, Teremoana Rapley, Erina Temepo, Michele Bristow, Annabelle Lee Harris, Anoushka Klaus, James Solomon, Jaimee Poipoi, Jeff Gomez, Chrysoula Artemis, Zoe McIntosh, Teresa Bass, Jessica Sweden, Chantelle Gerrard, Amy Barber, Jeremy Macey, Hayley Day, Kirsty Donohue, Jess Keogh, Lucy Rei, Kelly Burt.