Claudia Pond Eyley - film screening

Posted Tuesday 22 Apr 2014

Support WIFT member Claudia Pond Eyley's latest project, Helen, screening at this year's Documentary Film Festival on 24 May and 1 June in Auckland. Check the documentary film website for other screenings. See below for more infomation...

Helen is a documentary that explores the life and political story of former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark. Interweaving period archive and intimate interviews with contemporary footage of Helen Clark at her job at the United Nations, Helen tells the inside story of the woman who broke the mould, in her own words and those of her family, friends, colleagues, critics and political opponents.

Her story takes us from a farm in the Waikato, to a flash job in New York. It's both an extraordinary story and a very Kiwi one.



How did a small town farm girl became one of the most powerful women in the world?

Directors Dan Salmon and Claudia Pond Eyley will be in attendance.