Farewell Ian Turtill

Posted Tuesday 22 Apr 2014

We are very sad to note the passing of Ian Turtill, co-owner of the Queenstown Camera Company who generously sponsored the Entrepreneurship Award at this year's WIFT awards.  Queenstown Camera Company also has supported WIFT in presenting  Meet the Alexa workshops in Wellington and Auckland, with another upcoming in Christchurch shortly.

Generous open sponsors are hard to find - WIFT will remember Ian with respect and gratitude. Many of you know him and will miss him.

His funeral will be held this Saturday at 2pm at St Matthew-in-the-City, Auckland.

WIFT NZ: Patricia Watson



Next Up...

Early Development Funding

Posted Tuesday 22 Apr 2014

The NZFC have introduced some important changes to the guidelines for Early Development

Funding. See below for more details and contact NZFC directly if you have any questions.

Through the Early Development Fund they aim to support the best ideas with the most potential to become great films.

Dave Gibson spoke at last month's industry meetings about wanting to allow more flexibility in how people submit their projects for support.

The new EDF guidelines reflect that.  They are available at the bottom of the Early Development Fund website page  here.

The next deadline is 9 am on 22 April.


Who can apply? Producer and writer teams, writers or directors with a

feature credit or writers with significant experience writing for another dramatic

medium (e.g. stage, radio, television).

Level of funding: Up to $50,000 (usually in amounts of $25,000 or less).

Type of funding: Loan.

Requirements: Eligible applicants can apply with either a 2 - 15 page

treatment accompanied by a screenwriting sample or a draft screenplay.