Film Archive Screenings In Wellington (2)

Posted Tuesday 12 Aug 2014


This Friday is the first of the Archive's 2014 Soup & A Seat series - just $8 for homemade soup and a fab film during your lunchbreak.

Next week, their two-part Democracy Then series presents a sample of how our politicians and politics were represented on screen across the 20th Century



Pull Down the Shades: Why Chris Knox is ****ing Brilliant!

NZ, 90 mins, Exempt

Musician, video artist, comic creator, painter, writer, television personality and long-time jandal advocate - Chris Knox has done it all and done it with inimitable DIY style. Ng? Taonga Sound & Vision screens a collection of work by, and about, the creative powerhouse that is Mr Chris Knox.

Featuring rare Toy Love live performances, early interviews, documentary footage and a collection of his now legendary stop-motion music videos, this screening charts Chris's all-out assault on the artistic establishment in his continuing evolution from New Zealand's primary punk provocateur to bona fide Kiwi icon.

7pm Wednesday 13 August

Mediatheatre - Film Archive, Taranaki Street, Wellington

$8 / $6