Special Screening: The Deadly Ponies Gang

Posted Tuesday 26 Aug 2014

On Friday 5 September WIFT member Zoe McIntosh's accomplished feature film is showing at the Film Archive in Wellington as part of their Soup and Seat series of lunchtime screenings.  Here's a rundown on the plot...

What happens when you cross poor white trash with gangsta culture, then stick it on a horse? You get the Deadly Ponies Gang. Dwayne and Clint have been the "bestest of friends" forever. They love hip hop, and horses, but they don't like guns, and they can't afford cars, so the pair have taken to pimping out their ponies instead, blinging out their rides with pearls, glitter, and gold (all plastic, of course) eternally trying to impress the ladies.

12.15pm Friday 5 September

Mediatheatre, Taranaki Street, Wellington

$8 for your movie ticket + soup + excellent film - Bargain!