Well Done to all Members for Another Fantastic Year in Film

Posted Monday 15 Dec 2014

It's a career we all pursue for love rather than money or job security, but working in film and television is one of the most exciting avenues you can follow in life and WIFT would like to say thank you and well done to everyone who has supported us this year. You have attended our events, and participated in the debates and discussions, a significant number have joined for the first time, and better still many of you have renewed your membership.

Our collective power comes from a strong and dedicated membership base - and that wouldn't be possible without you all. No one said working in our industry would be easy - but the challenges, achievements and sheer fun of creating work for the big and small screen makes up for the hard grind sometimes.

New Zealand women have a powerful voice in the industry and a unique way of telling our stories. Let's continue to work together in 2015 and beyond to make sure that voice rings out loud and clear - from every production house to every funding decision meeting and to every credit roll.

WIFT wishes everyone the very best Xmas and New Year and good weather (!) for your summer film and tv projects. We look forward to celebrating your achievements in 2015.


Patricia Watson





Next Up...

Santa's little helper - and it lasts all year

Posted Monday 15 Dec 2014

Congratulations to WIFT member Kelly Lucas, director of ghm and the power behind the new look Data Book website. This is an invaluable resource for everyone in the business - so please show your support.

The Data Book has just launched a brand new website, and it is easier than ever to update your listings and be included in the 2015 book.

Check out www.databook.co.nz

Special offer for all WIFT members: 20% discount off all listings just enter your special coupon code - WIFT and you will automatically receive your discount.

The refreshed website has additional new features including social media and IMDB links, agent and booking service details, and the ability to upload your CV, product list, photo gallery and showreel. As well of the usual options of logo, company description, credits and contact details.

To update your listing, keep an eye out for an email from The Data Book with your new login details and passwords or go online click on "Manage Listings" enter your email address click on forgot password and follow the instructions.

To add a listing: go to the new site, click "Create a Listing" and follow the instructions.

Please note all listings will feature in the hardcopy book out in March 2015.The book will be distributed nationally and internationally.