48HOURS is back for 2014 marking the return of its 12th year.

Posted Monday 24 Feb 2014


Registrations for New Zealand's largest filmmaking competition are  open.

This year it comes with something all the teams want more of - TIME. Thanks to daylight saving coming to an end, teams will get an extra hour to go APE, and when every minute counts, that extra hour might be the difference in striking 48Hours filmmaking gold!

This year the shoot weekend comes early, taking place between 7pm Friday 4th April and 7pm Sunday 6th April. But when the clock strikes 3am Sunday morning, over 10,000 people will be heard far and wide around NZ yelling in delight as they wind their clocks back 1 hour.

Rialto Channel 48HOURS is the renowned national event that garners entries from experienced filmmakers, budding students looking for a platform to start out, to mates who run around for the weekend with a smart phone making a short film.

2014 National Grand Champion - Traces of Nuts state '48HOURS is like an awesome film school where you only have to turn up once a year. It's played a huge hand in us becoming proper filmmakers (which had always seemed like a pretty impossible goal) and has been a great way for us to build a team and find people we love working with - which we're now doing on a NZFC Premiere Short! Result.'

The eclectic mix of participants is what makes this competition so unique and so popular. Not only do teams get to see their film on the big screen, but stand to win thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. And with Sir Peter Jackson again picking his wildcards for direct entry into the Grand National Final, teams will have that extra incentive to make something special.

If you're from Taranaki we have some extra great news - this year thanks to Rialto Channel your entry is FREE. Spread the word and start putting your teams together before your first choice crew and actors get snapped up by another team! Also all School teams from around New Zealand get two team entries for the price of one. We encourage inter school rivalry.

For registration and more info visit www.48hours.co.nz


Next Up...

Production Accountant Wanted

Posted Monday 24 Feb 2014

Greenpark Productions and Gillian Taylor (writer/exec producer) are looking for a production accountant for a feature to be filmed this August in Cannes France and briefly London/Paris. The budget needs to be in US $ and Euros. Payment will be once funding is in place.

An offering of 2.5% net profits will also be offered on top of fees. An introduction to the story and necessary costs are available. The French film industry offers 20% tax rebates. For further information please contact Gillian Taylor frenchscript@hushmail.com or 09 835 4802.