Production Accountant Wanted

Posted Wednesday 19 Feb 2014

Greenpark Productions and Gillian Taylor (writer/exec producer) are looking for a production accountant for a feature to be filmed this August in Cannes France and briefly London/Paris. The budget needs to be in US $ and Euros. Payment will be once funding is in place.

An offering of 2.5% net profits will also be offered on top of fees. An introduction to the story and necessary costs are available. The French film industry offers 20% tax rebates. For further information please contact Gillian Taylor or 09 835 4802.


Next Up...

Sitting on a killer script???

Posted Wednesday 19 Feb 2014

Libertine Pictures have launched the Big Break - an open invitation to writers to pitch their movie ideas for a real chance to get the film made - a great opportunity for new screen-writers, in particular.

The Big Break web page has more comprehensive information for people wanting to learn more.


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