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Posted Tuesday 11 Feb 2014

Loading Docs is an ambitious launchpad for local documentary shorts that supports the funding, production and online distribution of innovative three-minute documentary shorts.

We have four WIFT members who are making films, but before film making can begin, each of the 10 filmmakers has been set a challenge - they must raise $2,000 on New Zealand crowdfunding site, which will be matched by $2,500 funding from Loading Docs, in addition to a post-production package.

SO -  if you fancy skipping your lattes for a week and giving the money to one of these projects, then WIFT members Zoe McIntosh, Prisca Bouchet, Robyn Paterson and Kirsty Griffin will probably buy YOU a coffee in the future! The project has funding from the New Zealand Film Commission and NZ On Air's Ignite Digital Media Fund.  

Crowd Funding  - Details   The 10 films will be launched in May 2014 on the, on and made freely available to view and share anywhere and everywhere. Developing a strong relationship with audiences and promoting work online is now an essential aspect of filmmaking and the month-long crowdfunding campaign ending on the 4th of March, provides filmmakers with a unique platform to reach out to audiences even before production has begun. 
Read on about these exciting projects here, and good luck from everyone at WIFT.

Zoe McIntosh - Living like A King

The disaster of the Christchurch Earthquake left the majority of its population devastated, but for a small group of homeless people, the earthquake meant new and luxurious living opportunities. Living Like a King is an unexpected and revealing portrait of one of Christchurch's oldest streeties (aka Cowboy) and his taste of what its like to live like a king.

Filmmaker Statement

"Loading Docs offers the opportunity to help me make a small project that I am passionate about. What's unique about Loading Docs is the focus on social media, publicity and distribution, as well as the final film. As an independent filmmaker/producer it's hard enough making the films, let alone thinking about the publicity and distribution side of things. I'm impressed with Loading Docs' foresight in helping filmmakers engage with an audience through social media and getting their work seen locally and internationally".

Link to Pledge Me site:

Prisca Bouchet- Today (with Nick Mayow)

From the last resident going to bed to the first person rising, Today follows the passing of time for residents and workers of a South Auckland rest home and offers an evocative insight into a place many New Zealanders call 'home'.

Filmmaker Statement:

"For us as filmmakers, being selected for Loading Docs gives us an opportunity to produce fantastic content, at the same time learning about and participating in the bold, dynamic world of online storytelling."

Link to Pledge Me site:

Robyn Paterson - Queer Selfies

Coming out is one thing, coming home another. Home is a complex concept to anyone of an 'alternative' sexuality, with its connotations of place, identity and security. In this film, a diverse range of the queer community talk to a self-operated camera about their personal experiences; sharing stories that are moving, humorous and compelling.

Filmmaker Statement:

"As two individuals who have worked in the film and television industry for a decade or more, we're excited to be taking part in this forward-looking initiative which is an opportunity to explore new platforms and distribution methods. As a couple, it's also an exciting opportunity to bring our skills together on a project for the first time."

Link to Pledge Me site:

Kirsty Griffin - Wayne

For Wayne, a profoundly intellectually disabled man with microcephaly, living with others has always been fraught with conflict. But at 44 he has finally been given a home of his own. With this space Wayne is now ready to begin the rest of his life.

Filmmaker Statement

"As two creatives looking to move into documentary filmmaking after long careers in other creative fields, this opportunity is a fabulous one. The focus on crowdfunding within this new initiate is also a wonderful chance to get our story seen by a wider national and international audience than we could connect with ourselves."

Link to Pledge Me Site

The films represent a vast range of subjects, themes and styles from wildlife to waiata, animation to adventure sports; all with a unique take on the theme of home.

Get on board and support one or all of these ten unique three-minute documentary shorts.