Internship Program for Film & TV Production

Posted Wednesday 29 Jan 2014

Internship Program for Film & TV Production

Broadcast & Film New Zealand is a production company based in Auckland. We have over 20 years of industry experience producing film and TV. Broadcast is offering internship to the selected students who have completed one of the short courses in our Broadcast Film School.

The internship is 6 weeks long, and is an introduction to a production company that shoots pictures and creates stories. Interns will work on our current film and television projects.


Broadcast Film School - Camera, Sound, Lighting, Editing

Broadcast Film Schools offers intense one-week courses for people who want to start or change careers in film and television industry. Based on the model of Australian Film Television and Radio School, our courses are taught by production company with extensive industry experience and up-to-date technology.

We currently teach courses in Camera Assisting, Location Sound, Film Lighting and Story Editing. The top students in the courses will be offered internship from Broadcast & Film New Zealand.

The next Lighting & Equipment Course starts from 24 February. To know more about this course, please click

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