Professional Development Programme - Up with the Play

Posted Wednesday 29 Jan 2014

NZFC has funded WIFT for the next three years to run a market focused programme, primarily for active feature film producers and those with proven experience who are tracking towards working as film producers.  Up With The Play has two strands - the first is an annual focus on finance, international sales and domestic distribution with an in-depth examination each year of a featured co-production territory presented by a panel including key guests from that territory.  Year One will focus on the United Kingdom.

The second strand, Essential Elements is a complementary series of masterclasses/workshops, all designed to give New Zealand producers the opportunity to build their knowledge and connections. The topic for the first of these will be SPIF - a detailed masterclass for executive producers, producers, emerging producers, line producers and production accountants.

We look forward to this opportunity to work closely with our members and the wider industry in this very practical way. See below for more details...

The New Zealand Film Commission is pleased to announce the first recipients of the Professional Development Services Programme.

The three year programme is aimed at building capacity in the film sector, by ensuring filmmakers, from the emerging to the experienced level, are able to keep improving skills while extending their international professional networks.

The programme sits alongside the NZFC's other core priorities of funding films, script development and administering co-productions and the Government's incentive schemes.

We received a number of comprehensive proposals for upskilling producers, directors, writers, editors and screen practitioners for the next three finanical years.  We are pleased to announce support for the following.

Script to Screen

Script to Screen will run a programme including two extensive labs (aimed at developing a pool of strong film writers and further strengthening the local development culture) and mentorship programmes tailored to the needs of individual writers, script development practitioners, directors and producers.

New Zealand Writers Guild
NZWG will run an annual script market showcasing new projects and their writers.

Screen Directors Guild of New Zealand
SDGNZ will run a number of workshops, mentorships, seminars and masterclasses aimed at developing directors' skills and confidence.  Several of these initiatives will see partnerships with actors organisations and will benefit both professions.

Women in Film and Television
WIFT will run a programme for producers focusing on finance, international sales and domestic distribution while increasing knowledge of particular co-production territories and capitalising on selected producers' experiences in key international markets.

DocEdge is devising a workshop developing ideas with a particular interest in interactive digital storytelling.

"These initiatives reflect an increased emphasis on developing the careers of people already working in the industry," says NZFC Chief Executive Dave Gibson. "We've also kept some money in reserve and will continue to talk to interested parties to ensure that the needs of the industry are being met."

To read more about the Professional Development Services Programme please go  here.

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WIFT Sponsor Launches Literary Event Series

Posted Wednesday 29 Jan 2014


The Heritage Hotel group are a much valued WIFT sponsor and this year the Heritage Boutique Martinborough Hotel is launching an entertaining new literary event series. On February 25 2014, the hotel will host its inaugural literary luncheon in honour of TIME-LIFE's former bureau chief, Bernard Diederich, New Zealand's longest-ever practising journalist and Graham Greene literary collaborator.

At the literary luncheon, presented in conjunction with the National Press Club Inc, Diederich will present his new book Seeds of Fiction about his long friendship with British author Graham Greene.  His book includes Diederich's account of accompanying Greene on his tour of the Haiti/Dominican Republic border. It was this journey which Greene commemorated in his book The Comedians, later to be made into a film.

Diederich was one of the last people to visit Greene in his Mediterranean apartment shortly before the British author died. Diederich introduced Greene to Fidel Castro and to fellow Caribbean dictator Omar Torrijos, a friendship enshrined in Greene's book Getting to Know The General.

Miami-based Bernard Diederich whose family still live and farm in the Martinborough district was formerly TIME-LIFE's bureau chief for Central America. He is the author of many books on the region's dictators including Somoza, Duvalier, Trujillo, Torrijos and Castro all of whom he knew personally.

The literary luncheon is on Tuesday 25 February from 12 to 2 PM. Tickets are $65 per person for a delicous two course meal and selected wine. Books will be available to be purchased and signed on the day.

Make a night of it and stay at the hotel for an additional $195 GST including continental breakfast for two.

Tickets are limited and bookings close 12 February.

For bookings email or phone 06 306 9350.