Films to see in a group at NZIFF

Posted Tuesday 15 Jul 2014

Daunted by the sheer number of films on offer this year? NZIFF have some helpful categories that go beyond the traditional 'Foreign" or "Comedy" genre. They have put together a cache of titles that are best seen in a packed cinema AND it's cheaper if you book as a group. So if you can rustle up 20 or more peeps who are keen to see a film phone 027 311 2430 and enjoy a discount.

The Babadook
The 'Baba-dook-dook-dook' is coming for you. You may have to sleep with the lights on, but it will be worth the ride. A great date night flick for thrill seekers.
Thursday July 31 8:45pm The Civic  BUY TICKETS

The Mule
Featuring a seriously inept drug-runner who finds himself in police custody with a belly full of heroin, The Mule spins its most gut-wrenching twists out of young Ray's need to keep what's in his bowel from leaving his bowel.
Saturday July 19 9:45pm SKYCITY Theatre  BUY TICKETS
Friday 25 July 9:00pm Event Cinemas Queen St  BUY TICKETS

White God
When the world goes barking mad, White God throws it to the dogs. Not for the faint of heart, this twisted tale of dog revolution turns from a sweet Disney-esque fable to an apocalyptic hallucination of canine takeover. Who could resist?
Sunday 3 August 6:00pm SKYCITY Theatre  BUY TICKETS

The Noble Family
Three spoiled children who are cut off from their family fortune and forced to do the unthinkable - get a job. It's everything you wish would happen to the droves of reality television stars of today.
Saturday 19 July 7:15pm Academy Cinema  BUY TICKETS

Wild Tales
Vengeance reigns king in black comedy Wild Tales, a collection of six lavishly produced shorts about deception, the return of the past, tragedy, and even the violence contained in an everyday detail. Make way for the bride...
Saturday 2 August 9:00pm The Civic  BUY TICKETS

Occupy the train! Bong Joon-ho's much anticipated sci-fi epic, his first English language production, finally hits NZ screens in his original director's cut. It's worth the watch for Tilda Swinton's great performance and intricate hand gestures alone.
Friday 1 August 8:45pm The Civic  BUY TICKETS