New stats on Women in Film make for a sober read

Posted Tuesday 29 Jul 2014

Where are the women in film? According to latest research from the UK ( women made up only 23% of crew members on the 2,000 highest grossing films of the past 20 years. See the related local story about the Sandpit Collective in Wellington who are actively working towards gender equality in film making.

Meantime, it is sobering to note that in 2013, internationally, women accounted for 22% of crew members and under 2% of Directors. Only one of the top 100 films had a female Composer. Here are some more stats broken down....

By department�

The only departments to have a majority of women are Make-up, Casting and Costume

Of all the departments, the Camera and Electrical department is the most male, with only 5% women

Visual Effects is the largest department on most major movies and yet only has 17.5% women

By genre�

- Musicals and Music-based films have the highest proportion of women in their crews (27%). Sci-Fi and Action films have the smallest proportion of women (20% and 21% respectively).

And if those stats weren't bad enough, the research also found that there has been no improvement in the last 20 years�

- The overall percentage of female crew members has actually decreased between 1994 (22.7%) and 2013 (21.8%).

- The three most significant creative roles (Writer, Producer and Director) have all seen the percentage of women fall.

- The jobs performed by women have changed, becoming more polarised. In jobs which are traditionally seen as more female (art, costume and make-up)  the percentage of women has increased, whereas in the more technical fields (editing and visual effects) the percentage of women has fallen.

There is no equivalent quality data available in New Zealand but a comparison would make for interesting reading. The full research document is up on the WIFT facebook page, so check it out and give us your comments. We are keen to know if WIFT members experience in the industrty matches the UK research, or if it is a case of women choosing to work in particular roles for reasons unrelated to film such as quality of family life or the need for flexible hours.


Next Up...

New filmmaking initiative in Wellington.

Posted Tuesday 29 Jul 2014

The Sandpit Collective is launching to promote collaboration and filmmaking talent in the capital. Twelve collaborative short films will be made to showcase Wellington filmmaking talent to the world through a combined feature-length piece.

We are making every effort to have a balanced gender representation across our film-making talent as well as in the stories we will tell, and are striving to do the same across the cultural spectrum.

More information can be found on our website