NZ On Screen Election Year Special

Posted Thursday 24 Jul 2014

It's just under two months till the election, the hoardings are up, and NZ On Screen has re-launched its comprehensive Politics collection of documentaries, interviews and other memorable moments from New Zealand's political history.

NZ On Screen first curated the collection prior to the last election in 2011, and is re-launching it in the lead-up to this year's polling day, with some significant new titles, including the award-winning Frontline documentary Five Days in July (about the devaluation crisis after the 1984 election), and an early Austin Mitchell studio interview with Prime Minister Keith Holyoake.

Listener and NZ Herald columnist Toby Manhire backgrounds the collection in this introductory piece. You can see the full collection here


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Support for Lower-Budget Features

Posted Thursday 24 Jul 2014

The NZFC are keen to support the growth of a vibrant domestic production sector, one with feature production at a range of budget levels - from large-budget official co-productions through to innovative lower-budget films with realistic budgets and methodologies.

This is a "heads up" for writers, directors and producers that they plan to introduce a lower-budget feature film funding initiative later this year. So this is a chance ahead of time to start thinking about possible projects.

Read more on the NZFC website  here.