Maori Webseries Receives Funding

Posted Wednesday 18 Jun 2014

NZ On Air and Te M?ngai P?ho have selected five innovative M?ori webseries to be supported from a new joint $500,000 fund. Three series are for younger audiences; two will be made in both Te Reo and English.

Webseries encourage new ideas and story-telling techniques outside the traditional broadcast environment.

Only In Aotearoa is a series of short comedy sketches aimed at a youthful audience.

For a younger audience is Kete K?rero, produced by WIFT member Kay Elmers. Over 10 episodes it will combine live action drama with animation to open the world of M?ori mythology to a new audience. The series will be available in Te Reo and English.

A webseries previously supported by NZ On Air is back for a second series. Nia's Extra Ordinary Life 2 advances the story of Nia, who will move on to intermediate school with new challenges. The series will also be available in both Te Reo and English.

Factual series Mahinga Kai will focus on food-related stories, exploring mahinga kai areas and species preservation.

Predicting the news of the future is the creative idea for Mai A Mua. This 10 part series will provide news-style stories about possible issues and events in Aotearoa over the next 1000 years.

M?ori Television is supporting these webseries by providing a home on their On Demand website and publicity for the series so audiences know when they are released.

In total, NZ On Air and Te M?ngai P?ho received 53 applications to the fund.

"The calibre of applications was very high and we are delighted by the final selection. Online stories by and about M?ori are still rare. Our own research shows M?ori are highly engaged online and we anticipate these series will be well received," says Jane Wrightson Chief Executive of NZ On Air.

Te M?ngai P?ho Chief Executive John Bishara added, "We are particularly pleased with the diversity both of the proposals submitted and those funded. As the convergence of technologies accelerates, it is increasingly important that we are able to fund the creation of M?ori language content for online M?ori audiences."

Next Up...

2014 WIFTI Entry Screening Christchurch

Posted Wednesday 18 Jun 2014

2014 NZ entries for WIFTI Showcase
Whitebait-TV screening room, 41 Princess St, Christchurch
Thursday 26 June
6 p.m. for 6.30p.m. screening

The entries for the 2014 WIFTI Showcase were of such a high standard we decided to organise special screenings for our members so you can see them all.

The programme is as follows:

The Mobile Meat processing Unit   Pr/Wr/Co-dir:    Gaylene Barnes

Wide Eyed    Wr/Dir:  Catherine Bisley  Pr:  Catherine Fitzgerald

The Silk   Pr/Dir:  Claire Burgess and Nathalie Boltt

Four Eyes United Club  Wr/Dir:  Aidee Walker  Pr:  Morgan Stewart

Charlie Floyd's Visionarium  Dir:  Emma Schranz   Pr:  Jaimee Poipoi

Here Now   Dir:  Chelsie Preston Crayford  Ed:  Gwen Norcliffe

In Safe Hands  Wr/Dir:  Jackie van Beek  DOP: Ari Wegner

Friday Tigers  Dir:  Aidee Walker   Pr:  Julia Parnell

Come along to see the impressive offerings from WIFT members, have a glass of wine and connect with your fellow WIFT members.

Arrive at 6pm for a glass of wine. Meanwhile book to attend via

members: free

non-members:  $15