Registration for the 12th FIFO is open.

Posted Sunday 29 Jun 2014

Registration for the 12th Oceanian International Documentary Film Festival is open. FIFO will be held at the Maison de La Culture in Papeete, Tahiti, from 31st January to 8th February 2015. Several events will accompany the screening of selected films, such as the 5th Oceania Pitch, the Oceanian Television Conference, the Oceanian Fiction Night, special screenings and conferences.

The documentaries presented look at all aspects of Oceania and the Pacific islands: social, economic, ethnological, cultural and environmental and they should last between 15 and 90 minutes. Films over 90 minutes can be considered for selection, but only in the 'Non-competition' category. Films prior to January 2011 shall not be taken into account. The documentaries compete for the FIFO France T�l�visions Grand Prix, 3 Special Prizes, and 1 Public Prize. All these prizes will be cash awarded

To validate the registration, organisers need to receive 3 copies of the films submitted, on DVD or USB key, as well as 3 photos from the film and the completed registration form. Registration is possible online on their website but please note that it is essential to send the film, they do not accept trailers.

You can send your films to:  FIFO Tahiti, BP 1709 Papeete 98713 Papeete - Tahiti French Polynesia before 1st October 2014. They advise not waiting for the closing date to send files to facilitate the work of the pre-selection committee responsible for viewing the films.

The selection announcement will be made at the start of November 2014. The films selected in the competition and non-competition categories must be sent to the Festival organisation via a dedicated Full HD digital server - MPEG4 H264 before 1st December 2014 for processing. For the films in competition requiring subtitles, the script of the documentary must be sent in .srt format for translation as quickly as possible.

Registration for short Oceanian fiction films is also open. The films sent should be between 2 and 20 minutes, and they need a digital copy or DVD, as well as a photo and the film script for the films in English. The closing date for registration is 1 st October. The selected films will compete for the Public Prize at the 'Oceanian Fiction' evening which will take place on 31st January 2014.

Registration for Oceania Pitch will open at a later date.

Please contact FIFO for any further information.

The12th FIFO Organisation .

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Maori Webseries Receives Funding

Posted Sunday 29 Jun 2014

NZ On Air and Te M?ngai P?ho have selected five innovative M?ori webseries to be supported from a new joint $500,000 fund. Three series are for younger audiences; two will be made in both Te Reo and English.

Webseries encourage new ideas and story-telling techniques outside the traditional broadcast environment.

Only In Aotearoa is a series of short comedy sketches aimed at a youthful audience.

For a younger audience is Kete K?rero, produced by WIFT member Kay Elmers. Over 10 episodes it will combine live action drama with animation to open the world of M?ori mythology to a new audience. The series will be available in Te Reo and English.

A webseries previously supported by NZ On Air is back for a second series. Nia's Extra Ordinary Life 2 advances the story of Nia, who will move on to intermediate school with new challenges. The series will also be available in both Te Reo and English.

Factual series Mahinga Kai will focus on food-related stories, exploring mahinga kai areas and species preservation.

Predicting the news of the future is the creative idea for Mai A Mua. This 10 part series will provide news-style stories about possible issues and events in Aotearoa over the next 1000 years.

M?ori Television is supporting these webseries by providing a home on their On Demand website and publicity for the series so audiences know when they are released.

In total, NZ On Air and Te M?ngai P?ho received 53 applications to the fund.

"The calibre of applications was very high and we are delighted by the final selection. Online stories by and about M?ori are still rare. Our own research shows M?ori are highly engaged online and we anticipate these series will be well received," says Jane Wrightson Chief Executive of NZ On Air.

Te M?ngai P?ho Chief Executive John Bishara added, "We are particularly pleased with the diversity both of the proposals submitted and those funded. As the convergence of technologies accelerates, it is increasingly important that we are able to fund the creation of M?ori language content for online M?ori audiences."