Lynne Reed - Unsung Heroine

Posted Tuesday 11 Mar 2014



Lynne Reed

Lynne Reed won the "Unsung Heroine" Award at the 2014 WIFT Awards held in Auckland in February. She shares some thoughts about that and her career�

"I got a huge buzz at the WIFT awards last week when I won the category sponsored by Professional Lighting Services for 'Unsung Heroine of the N.Z. Screen Industry.'

I was completely overwhelmed and the occasion left me thinking about the many colleagues, managers, workmates and clients who have helped me throughout the years.

I can't thank them enough for all the support and friendship they have given me.

My work in the motion picture industry began in 1984 when I was employed in the 'rushes' department of The National Film Unit. The previous 20 years or so I had worked in 'stills' both colour and black and white.

I can say that the majority of my 30 years within the film industry have been mostly happy, satisfactory, fulfilling and worthwhile and I've been very fortunate to have met so many interesting, talented and famous people along the way. Together with plenty of stress and some sadness there has also been an enormous amount of fun. I loved my job as a colour timer and more recently working on film preservation and replicating original tints.

This Film Processing and Printing Laboratory, which I very much feel a part of had it's beginnings in 'The Old Tin Shed' behind Parliament followed by a brief spell on Lambton Quay.

In 1927 A.A.P. McKenzie (the contractor for processing and printing of the Publicity Offices films)  formed  Film Craft Ltd. and built the Miramar film studio and laboratory.

The National Film Unit was set up in Miramar in 1941 in the same building.

Then in 1978 it was moved to new purpose built premises in Fairway Drive, Park Ave. Lower Hutt.

In 1990 it was taken over by TVNZ and became The Film Unit.

1999 saw it being bought by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh and the subsequent move back to Miramar to become Park Road Post Production in 2005.

Looking to the future, we are now back within a stone's throw of 'The Old Tin Shed.'

Archives New Zealand acquired the Film Lab in 2013 and now after all the planning and legalities etc. have been approved it is waiting and ready to be installed in Mulgrave Street Thorndon.

This is a very exciting time for all involved especially for four of us who have accompanied the lab from Park Road Miramar. We have over 100 years experience between us and are very positive about our future with film and Archives New Zealand and we are raring to go.

We have two set goals.

The first to preserve a huge amount of nitrate and acetate titles facing deterioration. These are mainly National Film Unit productions presently stored in vaults on the premises or in a bunker up north.

These titles will be preserved onto polyester stock and saved for the next 150 years or so. Future generations will be able to look back on life as it was for New Zealanders in the 1920's - 1980's   and can continue to save in the appropriate manner of the day.

Our second goal is to provide laboratory processing of negative 16mm and 35mm, Black & White and Colour. Assembled as 'rushes' and prepared ready for telecine transfer.

This essentially means that if film makers and production companies wish to shoot on film in New Zealand, we will be here to take care of their negative.

We will be collaborating with Park Road Post Production and Kodak to make this flow and work for our clients.

I continue to be a 'backroom girl' with my heart firmly in film and it's future."