State of the Industry

Posted Tuesday 11 Mar 2014

Stephen Follows of Film Research Survey at Ealing Studios in London and his team surveyed 1,235 film industry professionals, all of whom have attended at least one of the three major film markets (Cannes, Berlin or AFM) within the past five years and asked questions on a variety of hot topics including piracy, the appeal of 3D, gender, and how optimistic industry professionals are for 2014.

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�  Has piracy affected business?

�  Do film professionals illegally download films?

�  Is film a sensible business investment?

�  Do women have a harder time than men?

�  Is 3D better than 2D?

�  What are the average distribution fees?

�  How do professionals pick their next project?

� How optimistic is the industry about the future? (published 10th March)

� When will VoD pay like DVD? (published 11th March)

� Where does film financing come from? (published 12th March)